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Google + is making some changes in how it displays business listings, websites and customer reviews!  I didn’t know this till today but did you know that Google refers over 70% of shoppers to dealer websites? With numbers like that, it’s critical for dealers to rethink their digital marketing and reputation management strategies immediately. 

There is a webinar on August 2nd on which I think you should see. Google+ must be a priority because it impacts search-engine optimization as well as a dealer’s social and online reputation.  Check out the webinar on August 2nd right from your computer.  Click on the link below to register today!



I just purchased a GoPro Hero 2 so far I am really enjoying this new toy. I created a first video and need some opinions from you the viewers to see how it turned out, the sound quality and picture and overall the quality of the video.

Car looks great! but will will it be in production? 

According to the United Kingdom’s Car magazine, the A110-50 will have a mid-engine V6 with roughly 400 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque.

If the car does see production, it will likely be built for the European market, although we wouldn’t rule out sales in the Chinese market, either. It’s a pretty safe bet that Renault won’t launch a premium sports car brand in the United States, so those of us on this side of the pond will likely be out of luck.